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Hybrid Workforce

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Build your team the Smart Way.

Create a proficient workforce that you can depend on for less money than you thought!

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What type of DeskMate
​are you

Common Examples

  • Bookkeeper / Accountant
  • Help Desk / IT Support
  • Real Estate Transaction Manager 
  • Graphic Designer / Video Editor 
  • Sales Representative
  • Application Support
  • Digital Media Designer
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Writer
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Customer Service

DeskMate Plans

DeskMate One 
​$1,999 /mth

Augment your staff with dedicated professionals.

What's Included: 
✓ Full-time Dedicated Staff Member
✓ Experience Verification
✓ Background Check
 Equipment + Reliable Connection
✓ Complimentary Work Shifts
✓ Collaborate in Real-time with Google Spaces

Additional Fees:
+ Up-level Mates with Specialized Skills
+ Office Technology and Phone Services
+ Business Continuity Features
+ Mate Swaps
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DeskMate Team 
​$2,499 /mth

Get an entire team of professionals for the price of one.

What's Included: 
✓ Ability to add up to Five (5) Mates on a Team
 Assign 160 hours of Work per Month
 Equipment + Reliable Connection
✓ Complimentary Work Shifts
✓ Experience Verification & Background Check
Collaborate in Real-time with Google Spaces
✓ 1 Mate Swap per Quarter

Additional Fees:
Each Mate is $500 (2 required, none are included)
+ Up-level Mates with Specialized Skills
Office Technology and Phone Services 
+ Mate Swaps
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Experience Verification

Don't know if you'll be compatible? get to know your mate before you meet them through DeskMate's online profiles.  Their Information has already undergone screening and verification.

Equipment & Connectivity

DeskMate was born as a tech company and is the only one that can guarantee the data sovereignty from preying eyes. 


We provide each Mate with a suite of tools to produce quality work. This includes basics like productivity software and extends through to more advanced options like time tracking and project management tools.


Each mate must pass an exhaustive interview process. This includes a two-week training series. Think of them as a transfer from another office rather than a new employee.

Flexible Work Hours

Define the preferred work hours of your Mate. They can work while you sleep or if you prefer to have them collaborating in real-time (on your time) it's on your terms. Use your cost savings to hire additional Mates for 24-hour customer service! 

Business Continuity Features

We have options available to provide battery back up and internet redundancy so no matter what happens, your mates are always connected. 

Background Checks

No Mate is hired until a full 22 point background check is completed. These background checks are included as part of the Mate's online profile.

Advanced Security

As leader in remote work security, DeskMate ensures that each workspace is secured and all data is encrypted at rest and in-transit. If you would like auditing capabilities and some of our more advanced security compliance offerings this is available for an additional fee.

Mate Swapping

If you like DeskMate, but have outgrown or no longer need the expertise of one Mate, feel free to request a Mate Swap. And your Dedicated Partner Manager will assist with all the details.

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