May 26, 2022

Google G Suite Enterprise And Voice

Something special is stirring at Google.

There has been confusion over what Google is doing with their communication products, looking at their history we have seen a number of product managers, acquisitions, and strategies come and go. But as of recently we have reason to believe this stage of constant flux is going to change. So what is the strategy moving forward? To keep this article on point and not get into a history lesson I will be blunt; Google’s Communication Strategy moving forward will be:

  • Google Allo – Consumer facing messaging app (think What’s App)
  • Google Duo –  Consumer facing video chat app (think FaceTime)
  • Google Hangouts – Business Messaging Solution (think Slack)
  • Google Voice – Phone & Unified Communications (think RingCentral)
  • Google Meetings – Business Video Conferencing (think Zoom)

So what does this have to do with Google’s new G Suite tier known as Enterprise? Some of the core tenants of this new tier that will separate G Suite Business from Enterprise include additional layers of security, reporting visibility, auditing, 3rd party industry extensions and premium features/capabilities. This is where G Suite Enterprise starts to offer some things not available to G Suite Business customers. For anyone that currently uses Google Hangouts for video meetings you will quickly see some of the shortcomings that we all know too well, one set of glaring limitations is specifically centered around collaborating with users outside of your organization. This is where G Suite Enterprise starts to fill some voids, for example, G Suite Enterprise will offer customers an opportunity to attach a call-in phone number for anyone to use to join the conference.

Another service worth mentioning that is apart of this comprehensive communications plan that Google has been working on is known as Project Fi. This service is a new breed of Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that anyone can currently signup for that can replace your current mobile phone service. The plan here is to combine your mobile phone and Google Voice to work seamlessly and effortlessly for both your business and personal line. The Project Fi integration would then allow businesses to take advantage of a Google phone system (IVR) that would route calls across offices, devices, users and digital mediums.

As time goes on you will see these individual projects and products graduate from BETA to full mature offerings that ultimately will provide a comprehensive communications offering for one off individuals and families to global corporate enterprise packages. This will ultimately encompass all mediums of communication offered by Google from Messenger, the installed default SMS app on your Android phone, to your office desktop phone. G Suite will bridge these gaps and G Suite Enterprise will take it to forward thinking corporations.

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