May 26, 2022

RingCentral Releases More Enterprise Features

RingCentral has adopted a respectable development cycle and we’re noticing. With regular releases that are helping to round out their complete cloud communications system for business. CYBERCO has found that customer satisfaction has been on the rise and customer feature requests are being heard and answered.

Today RingCentral has answered a few more of those feature requests with the release of RingCentral Office 7.2. We have found the improvements to RingCentral for Desktop, the softphone software that gets installed on a user’s computer really enables a receptionist, sales people and other heavy phone users to take control of their calls. The improvements made to the softphone include a new tab called ‘Heads UP Display’ or HUD and provides visibility of colleagues’ real-time phone status with effective call management features such as quick call transfer, conference, and call pick-up.

Another improvement that can be found is the ability to segregate services by cost center. Billing administrators can now divide services by a cost center code and then report on those individual codes or cost centers. For example the image shows a breakout of the Chicago, New York, and San Francisco Offices. Instead of these offices trying to separate costs based on users or some other element, they can now login and pull the report for their respective location.

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