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Workstation Support

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More and more companies are coming to realize that servers aren’t the only machines that need to be maintained within the organization; in fact workstations are commonly running critical programs without backups.

Common examples can usually be found with employees that heavily rely on email to complete their job functions. Chances are a lot of their mission critical activities need to have a functioning workstation for stock control and billing. If a workstation goes down it could slow down the business or in some cases prevent staff from completing any sales.

Workstation Monitoring:

With Workstation Monitoring we assess the overall status and health of each workstation and then monitor to spot any issues which could go on to cause bigger problems. The checks that are carried out are reported on and routinely include:

  • Asset and Inventory tracking – to identify when hardware and software needs to be up dated
  • Antivirus Update checks – to ensure workstations are protected from viruses and malware
  • Drive Space Changes – to alert you when Drive Space is being rapidly consumed.

By monitoring these metrics we are alerted to issues before they cause business interruptions.

Workstation Maintenance:

As workstations are becoming increasingly important in the daily running of businesses, it is important to maintain these systems to run efficiently at all times. cyberco performs daily maintenance on all covered systems ensuring that your machines are always ready to use – reducing the amount of downtime which occurs for scheduled maintenance.

With Workstation Maintenance security measures are put in place like Anti-Virus software to prevent potential attacks. Patches and upgrades are performed nightly along with other tasks such as disk defragmentation and file clean ups.

Workstation Support:

Part of managing Workstations is managing users. With cyberco we use remote access tools to assist and troubleshoot user issues.